Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sabah Snake Grass - Healing & Benefits

Alternative treatments and cure for cancer using natural therapies.

HOW it works?
A cancer patient’s blood should be quite acidic and toxic. Cancer cells feed on acidic and toxin from the blood. These are their foods. So, detoxifying the blood block the cancer cells from getting their foods. When there is no food for the cancer cells, the cancer tumor/tumors will shrink or died.

Other healing properties / benefits.
Besides for cancer healing, Sabah Snake Grass also good for: 
Detoxifying body 
Good for our kidney.

If it is early stage of kidney failure, by consuming snake grass, it is possible to prevent patient from going for kidney dialysis. 

Kidney failure patients who already gone for dialysis also can consume snake grass. It help to relief them when undergo the dialysis process. There are cases where patients able reduce the amount dialysis from 3 times to 2 times in a week after GETTING APPROVAL from doctor.

How to consume? click HERE

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